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We stand as a face for local software products and expose them to the global market. We do this through the help of our platform GEOFACILITATE.

We also provide professional client services such as quality Web and Mobile Applications Design and Development, Project Management services, Logo & Flyer design.

We Are Happy To Hear From You.

    Our top Services

    Our services are top notch and we strive for professionalism. You have the right to just think it and we build it. We provide our clients/customers just what they need within their budget.

    We have specialties in:

    We help you grow your business.

    When you invest in a good website or mobile application for your startup, business or company, you enter into a life time investment which is destined for growth.

    Experience your product and customer growth.

    We have a sea of experts with decades of experience in various fields ranging from Engineering, Finance, law, Business etc who can provide you with financial, legal, marketing and design advice.

    Why our customers stick with us

    We do not only prioritize work when dealing with our customers and co-workers. We put our customers first and make sure we understand them right to the core. 

    Our customers also stick with us because we:


    Happy businesses/Clients

    Below are some of the projects and companies with have worked with.

    A place for local professionals

    Promote, host, test run local products

    Land survey and student training in the field.

    We are here

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